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Family Visas

Connecticut Attorney: Family Visas

Family visas encompass all family-sponsored applications, including fiancé visas and all other applications for family-sponsored green cards. The application process for family visas can be complicated and is best handled with the assistance of an experienced lawyer to prevent delays and other immigration complications. At the Law Office of Michael Boyle our attorneys work to help our clients effectively apply for and obtain family visas.

Our attorneys are sensitive to the issues of timing for every client. Whether you are a spouse, parent, or sibling, we will work to file your application for a visa or citizenship as quickly as possible so that you can unite with your loved ones. Contact us today for a case evaluation and consultation.

Family sponsorship
More people immigrate through family sponsorship than through business or other visas. While an application by a spouse or a parent may be handled in as little as six months, an application by a citizen for a brother or sister may take many years. When you are seeking immediate attention to your situation, our firm can address your immigration concerns and work to obtain a family visa as quickly as possible.

We provide immediate attention aimed at achieving results for our clients. When you contact our office, we will ask for a description of your relative's circumstances. Our attorneys will provide an immediate assessment of your case and provide you with the information you need about the cost of your case and approximately how long it will take. We will fax or email a customized list of the documents that we will require and the information we need to complete your applications. If there are no unusual problems with your case, we may be able file your family petition in as little as 15 days.

We can assist you with these additional family immigration issues:

We are experienced in handling complex family visa issues and will provide you with the advocacy you need to successfully file your visa application.

Applicants need to meet financial sponsorship requirements and demonstrate that there are no factors that would interfere with their applications, such as criminal convictions, drinking or drug problems, or having used fake documents to gain employment or enter the U.S. Immigration violations may also be grounds for a denial. In 1996, the grounds for denying an application were expanded significantly and financial sponsorship requirements were made more complex and demanding. Our attorneys can help prepare you for potential issues that may arise and address them quickly.

Contact the Law Office of Michael Boyle today to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer experienced with family visa and fiancé visa applications. We serve clients in Greater New Haven, Danbury, and throughout Connecticut.

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