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Our firm was established to assist individuals, families and businesses with a full-range of immigration issues. Whether you are interested in family immigration, business visas, religious worker applications, deportation defense, federal court litigation, or citizenship, we can provide the advocacy and direction you need. In addition to U.S. residents, we assist visitors who may want to reside in the United States.

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Client-oriented and result-driven immigration services
Each of our attorneys is trained to handle a specific area of immigration law. Through our extensive experience and collaborative efforts, we are able to provide comprehensive legal services aimed at accomplishing your goals. Perhaps you need a family waiver or your business is seeking to obtain a work visa for an employee. Whatever the exact issue, we will provide tailored legal services to address your immigration objectives.

Experience and strategy in litigation
Our attorneys have extensive courtroom experience and have a sophisticated understanding of the nuances of immigration law, including the implications for criminal defendants or individuals with marriage problems. We choose our legal strategies carefully based on your circumstances and the precise immigration issues. We are highly experienced in handling complex litigation, including cases in the Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and issues involving Connecticut criminal and family law.

Honest and reliable legal advice
Unfortunately, there are some immigration issues that cannot be resolved with the help of a lawyer. If there is nothing we can do to prevent a deportation or achieve a positive resolution of your case, we will provide you with honest advice on how to proceed. Our attorneys will not advise continued legal action unless we believe that we can make a difference in the outcome. From the initiation of your case through its final resolution, you can trust that our lawyers will remain dedicated to your best interests.

The initiation of your case
Most cases are initiated by a phone call, in which you will talk directly with one of our attorneys. During this call, the attorney will listen to the basic facts of your case. We can usually tell you whether we can help you and what the fees would likely be for your case. Whenever possible, we will ask you for the specific information we will need to begin work on your case. For particularly complex cases, we will arrange a meeting at one of our offices to discuss your case.

How we charge
We will normally charge a set, agreed upon fee. In multi-part applications or removal cases, we frequently will quote separate fees for different phases of the case. We do charge a fee for a sit down initial consultation, but if you retain us for legal services that fee will apply toward the fee for your case.

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