Citizenship With an Attorney at USCIS Hartford $1,250
Citizenship and Naturalization

United States Citizenship and Naturalization

Our $1,500 package: citizenship start-to-finish with an attorney at the Hartford USCIS office

We offer a very competitive package to guide you through the citizenship process. First, one of our attorneys will meet with you, prepare your application, and show you what you will need to study in order to pass the English and civics tests. Then we will submit your application. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we will meet with you to prepare your for your interview and take you to your interview at the Hartford USCIS Office.

Attorney's fees for this package are only $1,500. You will also pay USCIS fees (currently $680) and certified mail fees. If you are interested in making an appointment at our North Haven or Danbury offices, please call us at 203 239-2299 and make an appointment. Or use our contact form. This package price only applies for cases at the USCIS Hartford Office. You are not eligible for this package if you have been arrested or if you need to make a disability naturalization application. We have a lot of experience with these applications, but because they are complex we have to charge a higher price.

Contact us for full-service, in-person citizenship advice

Many immigrants seek citizenship status in the United States, in order to sponsor relatives' immigration applications or to participate more fully in society by voting. However, the process can turn difficult for many applicants. USCIS can, and does, probe deeply into your life, and problems that seemed small or distant, like falling behind on your tax payments, marital problems, or past arrests, can lead to denial of your application or to DHS starting removal proceedings against you. Even faulty documentation or other inconsistencies in your record can cause problems. When you or a loved one is seeking citizenship status, you need legal advocacy and representation from a team of immigration lawyers skilled and experienced in the citizenship and naturalization process. At the Law Office of Michael Boyle, each of our attorneys can help apply for citizenship status.

We will help you identify potential obstacles in your case so that they can be addressed quickly and correctly. We can help you achieve your goal of citizenship. Contact us today.

When seeking citizenship through the naturalization process, applications can be difficult and time consuming.

Our attorneys will take the following actions on your behalf:

  • Review the facts of your case to determine eligibility and potential obstacles
  • Provide you with the information you need to cure problems in your application to increase your chances for approval
  • Assist you in the completion and filing of your application
  • Help you prepare for your citizenship test and your interview with the USCIS
  • Finally, after you become a citizen, we can assist you with applications for relatives who become eligible for visas or faster processing based on your being a citizen.

Our attorneys understand the unique needs of every client and we take the time to make sure that we are providing the best solutions for our clients. Our attorneys will evaluate your needs and assess your legal positioning to assist you in improving your chances for citizenship.

Each of our lawyers is highly skilled in the complexities of immigration law. We understand the nuances of bureaucracy and can help you correctly file your application to prevent mistakes and delays. In the event that your citizenship is denied, we can assist you in filing an appeal.

Contact the Law Office of Michael Boyle today to schedule an initial consultation with an experienced immigration lawyer. We serve clients in Greater New Haven, Danbury, and throughout Connecticut.

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