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Employer Counseling

Immigration Lawyer: Employer Counseling

Employers hiring immigrants need counseling to ensure that they are in compliance with immigration regulations. In the last several years, the USCIS (former INS) has stepped up its enforcement and has made examples out of employers by imposing significant fines or prosecuting them criminally. In the past, federal agencies would sometimes allow opportunities for employers to quietly and inexpensively fix their mistakes, but now high profile enforcement campaigns aimed at holding employers criminally responsible for violations are more likely. At the Law Office of Michael Boyle, we are familiar with the changes in law as it applies to employers and can provide you with the information you need to protect your personal rights and your business.

I-9 Enforcement and Employer sanctions
When I-9 documents are improperly prepared, employers can face government scrutiny, fines and even criminal prosecution. All these outcomes result in lost profits and productivity. We can assist you in limiting your liability. We are also experienced in representing businesses and employers in appeals at the AAO (Administrative Appeals Office) and OCAHO (Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer).

If you have been contacted by the IRS with a no-match letter, you should seek legal advice immediately. We will help you understand your situation and the actions you need to take. Contact us today for employer counseling regarding immigration matters.

No-match letters
If you receive a no-match letter indicating that your employee ID numbers do not match, we can advise you on how to proceed - both with your employees and in addressing inquires by the IRS. We can help you take the necessary steps to clean up the documentation of your workers and put you in a secure position. We can assist you in appropriately filing I-9 forms within the allotted time periods.

Work visas
Any employer seeking to obtain a work visa for an employee may face difficulties throughout the process. Our attorneys are highly familiar with the process of work visa applications and can provide the business counseling you need regarding any immigration law issues.

Our attorneys can advise you on how to guard against future liability, including employer sanctions, so you can concentrate on the productivity and profits of your business.

Labor certification
Labor certification is an application to the United States Department of Labor offering to sponsor the non-citizen worker. The employer will attest that they will pay at least the prevailing wage and treat the worker fairly, and show that qualified U.S. workers are not willing and available to fill the job. The application process can be extremely complex, as it is highly rule-laden. Our attorneys can help you file the application and advocate for you throughout the process of acquiring a work visa for your employee.

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