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Marriage Applications

Marriage Applications, Fiancé Visas, and Spousal Visas

A marriage application for a green card is available to any non-citizen who has married a citizen of the United States. Spouses of citizens are afforded more rights than other applicants for green cards and can normally obtain a green card more rapidly than other applicants. Fiancé visas are for fiancés, living abroad, of U.S. citizens. While these applications are can be processed more rapidly than most other cases, husbands, wives and fiancés of U.S. citizens m ay face a number of pitfalls that can be avoided or overcome with the assistance of a skilled attorney. At the Law Office of Michael Boyle, we are dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families file marriage applications to avoid delay and other issues.

A green card obtained through marriage allows you to reside in the United States and can also pave the road to citizenship. When you need legal assistance to guide you and your spouse, contact the Law Office of Michael Boyle

Our Danbury and New Haven, Connecticut based attorneys are experienced in all of the following:

We will evaluate your case and help you properly complete and file your applications, including the required financial forms, which can be extremely complicated. We can also assist you in preparing for your interview, and accompany you to the interview. Our attorneys are skilled and experienced in using the right information to demonstrate the validity of our clients' marriages. Throughout Connecticut, we are known for our experience with marriage applications and interviews and in the appeals process.

The issue in a marriage case is whether your marriage was honest at inception, not whether you had problems after the marriage. We can help you maintain the proper documentation to protect your rights should future problems arise.

When you marry a United States citizen you should be given priority over most other types of applications, and in most cases you should be able to obtain a green card promptly. Let our attorneys ensure that your rights are protected throughout the application process. We will work with you to collect the correct documentation to legitimize your marriage. We can also advise you on how to continue creating a paper trail that will help should you have later problems with immigration agencies regarding your marriage.

Contact the Law Office of Michael Boyle today to schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer experienced in fiancé visas. We serve clients in Greater New Haven, Danbury, and throughout Connecticut.

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